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Malago Water Quality in Manor Woods Valley (PDF 819kB)

Heavy Metal Contamination in Fruit Trees in Manor Woods Valley Orchard

A soil transect through the wildflower meadow and adjacent amenity grassland in Manor Woods Valley

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9 June 2022 (change of e-mail contact address)

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MALAGO VALLEY CONSERVATION GROUP has ceased operation and has handed over to MANOR WOODS VALLEY GROUP. The dates of the meetings which wound up M.V.C.G. are here.


This website is basically as it was in autumn 2019. The previously missing early Newsletters have been added so as to complete the on-line series. The HTML Newsletters (May 1998-May 2005, nos. 22-63) have also been supplemented with ‘as printed’ PDFs.

The historic e-mail addresses which appear throughout the website either have ceased or will cease to operate. Any enquiries about M.V.C.G. can be sent to André Coutanche at

MANOR WOODS VALLEY GROUP is focussing on the Manor Woods Valley Local Nature Reserve and building on the work which M.V.C.G. did there for two decades.

Visit M.W.V.G.’s website, Facebook page or Twitter page and send them an e-mail to say you’d like to go on their circulation list - there’s no membership fee!

Manor Woods Valley Group website

Manor Woods Valley Facebook page

Manor Woods Valley Twitter page


MALAGO VALLEY CONSERVATION GROUP is a voluntary group with members from all parts of south-west Bristol. We have no staff or premises and operate on members subscriptions (just £4 per household per year), with occasional grant aid for specific projects.

We cover south-west Bristol – Bedminster Down, Bishopsworth, Hartcliffe, Headley Park, Highridge, Withywood – roughly, the BS13 postal area.

We started as a campaign for a Bishopsworth and Malago Conservation Area. Our report was praised by the City Council for its quality and, following public consultation in summer 1998, the conservation area was declared in October 1998. There’s a map of the Conservation Area here.


  • We monitor the Planning Applications Register and comment on schemes which affect our area. We are members of the Neighbourhood Planning Network.
  • We work with the City Council to improve our open spaces and trees and with the Environment Agency to clean up our streams.
  • We act as the ‘Friends of Manor Woods Valley’, to help maintain and improve Manor Woods Valley Local Nature Reserve, and we are members of Bristol Parks Forum.

Manor Woods Valley Facebook page

Manor Woods Valley Twitter page

  • We comment on other planning matters, such as road schemes and the Bristol Local Plan.
  • We publish a regular newsletter every quarter to let people know what is happening in our area.
  • We work actively with other groups and agencies in BS13.


  • We prepared an enhancement plan for ‘Elm Tree corner’ – the area around the junction of Church Road/Highridge Road/Queens Road - and have planted trees and daffodils. After we kept lobbying and persuading for 19 years, the final engineering works were completed in 2017.
  • We published My Manor Woods Book, an interactive guide book describing the value and attractions of the Manor Woods Valley Local Nature Reserve, which is available at Bishopsworth Library and direct from M.V.C.G.
  • We worked with Bristol City Council to apply successfully for a grant from Yansec to build the woodland path in Manor Woods Valley Local Nature Reserve.
  • We worked with Bristol City Council and others to design and install the interpretation boards in Manor Woods Valley Local Nature Reserve, and we installed a bench at the top of the wild flower meadow.
  • We worked with ParkWork and Dundy View Neighbourhood Partnership to repair and improve the woodland path in Manor Woods Valley Local Nature Reserve.
  • We have begun an active programme of coppicing in Manor Woods Valley Local Nature Reserve to open up overgrown areas and encourage biodiversity.
  • We work with the Avon Invasive Weeds Forum to remove Himalyan Balsam from Manor Woods Valley (the ‘Big Pull’ sessions) and we monitor and report on Japanese Knotweed there.
  • We worked with Bishopsworth Library to design and install improvements to the garden behind the Library. This improved its wildlife value (adjacent to Manor Woods Valley Local Nature Reserve) and provided an outdoor facility for visiting groups of local school children.
  • We were actively involved in the consultation which led to the new entrance feature at the Vale Lane end of the Malago Greenway through Manor Woods Valley. Our design was the basis for what was built.
  • We ‘turned cans into daffodils’ throughout BS13 for many years by collecting drinks cans for recycling. The aluminium ones were sold and the money was used to buy daffodil bulbs which we planted on open spaces.
  • We repaired the broken arm of the historic fingerpost at the junction of Church Road and Grange Road.

We have good links with other amenity and community groups in the area such as the Bedminster Down and Uplands Society, Dundry & Hartcliffe Wildlife Conservation Group, Hartcliffe Health and Environment Action Group, Highridge Forum, Kings Head Park Group and Withywood Community Forum, and we are actively involved with the Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership. We co-operate with the Avon Invasive Weeds Forum, the Avon Wildlife Trust, Bristol Civic Society, the Bristol Neighbourhood Planning Network and the Forest of Avon Trust.


If you agree with our aims, please join us. You don’t have to get involved if you don’t want to - but if you do, it’s fun and very educational! The more people who join, the stronger our voice in fighting to improve our bit of Bristol. To join us, e-mail or ring the contact below, or click here to download a Membership Form to fill in.

For more information about Malago Valley Conservation Group,

ring (0117) 964 3106 or e-mail us at